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Good day to you.  I am a visually impaired writer.  I don't mind to be call and known as an anonymous.  I am fine with that nickname.  I am back again with the second article.  This time, I am going to share my life experience in friendships.  Wou! Such a deep meaning right?  What is friendships to you?  I certainly know all of you may have a different interpretation about the meaning of the word "friendships."  As for me, the word "friendships" means everlasting and forever we are friend.  In order for the friendships to establish in life, both human beings must have a united hard and understanding about the reason and purpose in friendships.  Well, no right and no wrong.  Oh! Just a joke.  I have a life story to share in this article.  As you have read the above title about the SMS CAUSE MISUNDERSTANDING IN FRIENDSHIPS, I have a few questions for you to ponder.  These questions may sound funny to you.  Maybe, you may laugh about it too.  However, I just want to open your mind and think about all this questions.

Can SMS cause misunderstanding in friendship?

Can SMS cause divorce in marriage lives?

Can the words from our mouth cause danger to another human beings?

Why many people choose not to understand and doubt about the friendships that I choose to create in their lives?


Ok, enough.  I hope all these questions will not drives your mind away from reading my life experience in establishing friendships in my life.  I have many more stories to share in this article.  However, I am going to share just one life experience, which makes the husband of my friend have a jealous heart and misunderstanding.  This incident started when my former working colleague send a SMS to me.  Before I proceed, let me elaborate further about my friend.  Her name is Ms. VL, who stays in Wangsa Maju.  She was working with me as a credit administration clerk in Lion Property at Menara Citibank Jalan Ampang before she left to work for another company at Taman Keramat last year.  She is a very nice and friendly person.  She even gave me her addresses and contact number for me to keep in touch with her whenever I am free.  Well, all started seems look so good at the beginning.  However, as the friendship goes on, her husband came into the picture and started to misunderstand her for talking to me.  He also misunderstood me as well and scolded me using the vulgar words and sentences towards me on the phone. One of the examples was one Thursday night; she was reading the newspaper to me over the phone.  As she read, she felt uncomfortable because her husband was mad at her just because she was reading newspaper to me and murmuring there wasn't enough time for him.  Finally, she put down the phone.  In between few minutes, her husband gave me a call on my hand phone and out of the sudden, he shouted at me like this:

"Hello! Are you E?"

I answered, "Yes sir, what can I do for you?"

He shouted, "For heaven sake, please don't ever disturb or call my wife anymore."

Before I managed to answer him, he slams the phone receiver.  I felt uncomfortable with the situation and I gave her a call.  I told her about her husband's attitude and behavior was very arrogant and rude.  My intention was to establish a good friendship and talk to her.  However, he misunderstood me.  She knew I was very hurt and she apologize on be half of her husband.  She told me he was very frustrated with his work and he threw all his anger towards me.  I just wonder how come this incident can happen in their marriage lives?  Hmmm! I guess it is because nobody to entertain and talk to him.  As the results, he threw all his frustration and anger against me during that night.  After I got all the explanation from her, I put down the phone and in between one hour later, her husband called me again.  When I pick up the phone, I heard his voice like quite panic.  I asked him, "What do you want from me, sir?"

He answered, "E, sorry for what I have done to you just now.  I really don't mean that way.  I was frustrated with my job in the office."

My answer to him was: "Is okay sir, forget it.  What is pass and done, is done."

Hmmm! That is how human beings behaving in this world.  After they felt guilty, they wanted to ask for forgiveness and hoping that the problem and case is closed.  I have a doubt and question.  If he keeps on followed his emotion and feelings, how long can his wife adopt and tolerate to his lifestyle?  I really felt funny and strange.  I also believe she was tortured by her husband at home even before this incident occurred.  Her husband may not like if any of her friends calling her out for fellowships and gathering meetings.  From my passed experience and some of the information that I have about her husband, he was not open to other relationships.  He doesn't trust and doubting her wife almost everyday.  He only knew how to think about his own interest in life.  If all the man is behaving like that, I guess there will be quite difficult to establish a good and open relationship with other people.  Do you agreed with me?  Whether you agreed or disagreed with me, this phenomenon has happened in lives.  Well! Whatever it is, let it be and I did not contact her for quite sometime after the incident.  I knew it well.  If I call her again, the misunderstanding might occur again in their marriage lives.  She has caution me to be careful and warn that in order for the problem not to arise again, don't ever call her at home during nighttime.  If I call her, her husband might get mad at her again.  She will SMS or call me so that the problem will not arise again.  She will still be my friend although we have a less conversation.  I accepted her request.  Well! Quite true.  She is so open to the friendships.  Strange and funny.  How come?  I am just her friend.  Why all this misunderstanding can happen?  Hmmm! SMS CAUSE MISUNDERSTANDING IN FRIENDSHIP.  What a funny things happening in this world and the society.  However, no question about it because it has happened to me.  I am quite sure is not only happen to me but to others as well.  One of the examples who faced the same problem as me was my best visually impaired friend, Mr. Allan Wong.  Hmmm! As long we are human beings, many challenges and hurdles are in front of us.  It depends whether are we able to face the nature of the world.  We will be able to face the challenges if we continue to be strong, patient, have an iron will, determination and perseverance.


Well, that was one of the examples and incident that happened to me before this incident.  Okay, back to the topic above.  How the misunderstanding and frustration happen?  It was on one Sunday night, 22nd August 2004, 2145 PM (GMT time), she send a SMS to me.  It wrote like this:

Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, &% love ends when you stop caring.  So, dream, believe &% care.  Life is beautiful.! VL.

As soon as I got that SMS, I replied to her and it wrote like this:

Hi, thanks for the message.  You are the light of the world.  God bless you.  See you again.  Thanks.


I felt so happy when she sent that encouraging message for me.  That shows how caring she is towards me as a friend.  I felt happy too whenever I managed to reply her SMS.  However, one day after I replied her SMS, I never expected I might get a call from an anonymous.  It was at 0131.  During that time, I was engage on the line with Mr. A.  In between our conversation, I was listening and watching to the Olympic life telecast on RTM TV1.  Hah! Who is that calling me so early in the morning?  I pick up the phone and it goes like this:

"Good morning, can I help you?"

The voice replied, "Hello, I am Mr. O.  I would like to congratulate you for able to break and make both of us divorce."

I got a shock in my life.  Hah! Who is this man?  Have I done something wrong until this incident happened to this man?  However, I replied with fear and panic voice,

"Hah! What is that?"

Before I managed to continue the conversation, he scolded me with vulgar words and slam the phone reciever.  I got panic and my best friend was on the other line at the same time.  My discussion with my friend on the other line was interrupted just because of this man.  We were discussing about our future and contribution as a visually impaired person in Malaysia.  He could hear the conversation between us because I put on my hand phone speaker.  After the whole conversation with that man was over, my friend asked me what was actually wrong and happened in between Mr. O and me.  I got panic and I just don't have any words or sentences to describe the whole incident because I really don't know what I have done to this man until he got mad and threw his anger towards me.  However, I believed that 100% is possible, 100% of the time.  Finally, I told Mr. A about it.  I don't even know who is this man that has rang me so early in the morning.  My impression was maybe, this man got nothing to do and he tried to provoke my anger and find fault with me.  I don't even know him and what he wants from me during that time.  How come and which corner of the earth he came from?  Whatever it is, after I finished the story, I asked Mr. A for support.  He suggested me to write a SMS to this man and asked him what has actually went wrong until he scolded me with the vulgar words.  Within a few minutes, I tried to take the risk to call him.  I even tried to use my house phone to call him few times but he refused to pick up my calls.  Once again, I don't know what to do in this situation.  I really need an answer from this man.  What have I done until their marriage divorce?  Another question in my mind was whether their marriage divorce because of me or he purposely don't allow me to call V because of his jealousy?  I consult Mr. A again.  He asked me to write a first SMS to Mr. O.  At the same time, my thought was since he refused to pick up my phone calls, the next option was taking the risk to SMS him, hoping he will answer all my doubt and questions that was on my mind.  So, Mr. A guided me to write like this:

Hi, who are you and what is going on here?



Within a few minutes, he replied my first SMS and his first message to me was like this:

Hi, who are you?  What is going on here?  Ur lover V's husband.  Congrates.  You managed to make us divorce.  You really so good lah>


Hah! Congrates.  I managed to make them divorce.  What have I done and who is this?  Ur lover V's husband.  Which V is this?  I have so many friends by that name in my address listing.  Strange, funny and so arrogant.  He already knew about me and yet he purposely posted that question again.  He really makes me frustrated and angry.  Without much further ado, I answered his first SMS and in my second message to him, it goes like this:

Can you let me know her surname?  I really need to know what is going on here.  Sorry for causing this incident happens.


Ten minutes later, he replied my second SMS and the message was like this:

I am the person you are desperate to meet.  Sorry for what?  I am just wondering if you are blind?  How can you SMS with me?  Anyway, thank you for the divorce cake.


Oh! Again.  Why he wrote like this?  Who is desperate now?  The answer that I wanted from him was about V's surname.  I do remember during the first misunderstanding incident with VL's husband.  He did asked for apology after he bluss his anger towards me.  Oh! It happened again this time.  It was during early in the morning.  People are sleeping and in the dreaming mood.  How come he wanted to get angry with me during this hour?  The time was 0145 on Tuesday morning, 24th August 2004.  Another question was about he doubting a visually impaired person is able to handle the hand phone and SMS messages.  Strange and funny again.  His statement really makes me laugh.  When I told Mr. Allan about how he replied my second SMS, he was laughing too.  The conclusion from him was those people has sight doesn't mean they knew the new technology in this world which enables the visually impaired people to use computer and read the SMS from the latest Nokia hand phone.  The scientist in this world has invented a computer talks soft wear, which all the visually impaired person can make used of it in the latest world technology, especially for some models of the Nokia hand phone version.  I was quite fortunate because I have the latest Nokia 6600 hand phone, which I can use to read all the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and etc.  That's the reason how I can reply all his SMS within a short period of time.  The scientist in this world has demonstrated this distinction in life, which is 100% is possible, 100% of the time.  Hmmm! Funny yet is true.  I asked for Mr. A's support again how to reply Mr. O's second SMS.  I really frustrated and mad about how he posted his question in his second SMS.  He has the eyesight yet his action seems like another visually impaired person.  What is his intention for writing or acknowledge me by quoting "Thanks for the divorce cake?"  I tried to understand his statement but I was not able to handle it.  However, threw Mr. A's support again, I replied his second SMS and my third SMS to Mr. O was like this:

Well, it is not a matter how a visually impaired person can reply your message.  I would appreciate if you can tell me what is actually went wrong in your relationship with V, which cause you to divorce with her?  Why are you putting me into trouble?  You should love and trust your wife before you put the blame on others.  If you love and trust your wife, this problem may not happen.


Ten minutes after I replied his message, his third SMS came and it wrote like this:

It is been a wonderful marriage before you do all the devil.  How many devil have you done, devil?  Bye forever and have a good devil dream.


Hmmm! Oh my God! Good marriage.  I just wonder if he has a good marriage with V.  How come this incident can happen in his life?  He seems like a small child asking such questions. Hmmm! Like a small child seeking for attention! Sorry for quoting that.  What is his intention of quoting all these questions?  I don't meant to look down at his ability to love and care for her.  However, that's how I felt about him.  I think he purposely wanted to makes me frustrated and angry.  Look! How he replied and wrote his third SMS for me?  Hah! (Arrogant and Proud).  Well-done for him.  I salute him for writing that way.  However, that was not the way of solving the issue.  When I told Mr. A about how he quoted me as "devil", he felt strange and funny.  The conclusion from Mr. A was he couldn't take the pressure in his life.  He only think and have an interest for himself.  He doesn't care about others.  Hmmm! Done is done.  Hah! How many devils have I done, devil?  Bye forever and have a wonderful devil dream.  I really don't know why he wrote that way.  My conclusion was he was mad and angry because he seems not able to handle his life well enough.  In fact, V seems to be able to handle her lives well.  If he can handle the situation well enough, the incident might not occur at all in his lives.  Maybe, whatever fix believes that he/she has among each other can be lower down below the water line.  Well, allow me to go off track from the story.  I just like to quote one of the examples in life.  Let's take a look at the example in between our fix believes, iceberg and the water.  Our fix believes in our lives is always 90% above the water line.  That's very normal in our human nature.  If the fix believes that we have in our lives can be lower down below the water line (that means as low as possible), every problems, situation and challenges in life may be able to overcome.  In another meaning, we can leave the situation better off by tolerate and understanding each other in a better way.


Okay, enough examples?  Let's get back to the story.  After I read his third SMS, I replied his message and my fourth SMS goes like this:

Okay, I just wanted to know.  Why you think every person that has a friendship with your beloved wife is devil?  Why your mind is so narrow?  I am blind.  Yes! It is true.  However, I sense your heart is more impaired and terrible than me.  Think back what are the cause and responsible that you have for every human beings.


After I replied his third message, his fourth SMS came at 0230.  I really can't understand this SMS and he wrote like this:

Because of you, devil.  Please remember that is always a cause and effect.


Hah! Because of me and he quoted me as "devil" again.  Please remember that is always a cause and effect.  What is this message?  What have I done until he bluss out his anger towards me?  I just wonder what he was trying to do early in the morning.  I had heart feelings to send all her husband's vulgar SMS to V.  However, before I do that, I managed to control my emotion and feelings.  I certainly know if I followed my heart's desire and feelings to send all her husband's vulgar SMS to V, what will happen to my friendship with her?  I consult Mr. A's support again.  After I got his support, I wrote my fourth SMS for Mr. O and my reply was like this:

Sir, are you having unsolved problem and you keep on blaming others whenever you fail in your life?  Once again, before you look for trouble, please check yourself and your life first.  At the same time, check where is it gone wrong.  Please don't bluss your anger unnecessary towards other people.


Hah! Enough with the SMS.  I have written four SMS to him.  At the same time, he responded to all my SMS as well.  I predicted another SMS from him might be reaching my phone in the morning.  Anyway, I am happy because he might not have the answer to my fourth SMS.  If happened he has the answer, he might take quite a while to answer me.  I have thrown and given up all my energy towards Mr. O.  He seems doesn't understand the whole situation and simply bluss out his anger without investigating the cause and reasons.  According to Mr. A (who has been supporting me to solve the whole situation all night long), I have done what I can in this explanation.  He refused to open up himself to the possibilities and fax in life.  Her wife is open to every friendship.  Why he seems doesn't understand and behave like a mad dog barking to their enemy?  He just bluss out his anger like nobody business without thinking what will he cause for another human beings.  All is over and done is done.  The last solution I could do next was to call VL.  I wish to know why her husband behaving like a mad person and simply scolded me like nobody business during early in the morning.  It was 0255.  At that time, that was the only way to find out why is it so many incidents happen in their marriage lives.  I also wish to know whether are both of them really divorce because of me.  I felt bad if their divorce cake was cause by my calls and SMS.  I still need to find out the cause of their divorce.  I don't feel nice to give V a call so early in the morning, knowing that she was still sleeping at that time.  However, I felt stretch and I can't sleep just because of the whole incident.  My mind was unstable because of Mr. O.  He was the whole cause of it.  I consult Mr. A again.  He gave his opinion that makes me comfortable to give V a call.  He also assumes that V was not with her husband anymore.  Okay! Find with that situation.  Without much further ado, I rang her just to find out the truth picture.  Well, life is an enrollment game and 100% is possible, 100% of the time again.  After a few minutes of conversation with her, I managed to find out about the whole situation in her family and what is the main cause her husband got mad at me.  As I have wrote earlier, it was just because of the SMS CAUSE MISUNDERSTANDING IN FRIENDSHIPS.  It also cause misunderstanding in their personal and marriage lives.  Hmmm! I just replied her SMS and within the short period of time, the situation in their family and marriage became worsen.  Another thing that I managed to found out from her was after I replied her message, her husband saw my name and number on her hand phone.  He got mad and finally, he quarrel with her.  Her husband was jealous with her because she has too many good friends around her.  As the results of all her relationships that she created with all her friends, she has been invited to many gatherings and fellowship meetings.  That's why the misunderstanding occurred in their family lives.  Hmmm! Invitation to go out for so many friends gathering, working, enjoying lives (such as playing games and tourism) are normal in life.  Oh! I have even told her about how her husband behaving seems like a mad dog whenever he tried to handle the whole situation.  He claimed and admitted he seems to know so many things in this lives.  However, my experience of him was not true.  If he knows and can handle so many things in life, why divorce case still happen to their marriage lives?  In another words, maybe he was too protective over his beloved wife.  Hmmm! Although I have told her about that, what can she do?  Oh! No answer from her and as a conclusion to the whole conversation, she asked me not to think so much about the whole incident because her husband's attitude are rather bad.  He doesn't like others to disturb her privacy although she likes to have fellowship with all her friends.  Well, no right and no wrong again.  As soon as I got the answer, I felt relieved.  I put down the phone and I end my conversation with Mr. A as well.  Hmmm! Quite long I was engaged on the phone with my best friend just to get his support to solve this SMS problem.  Whatever it is, is okay because I got my result, which is to solve the problem.  At last, I was able to sleep for a few hours until 0755.


However, after I woke up at 0800, I found another SMS on my hand phone.  Oh! Who is that sending me message so early in the morning?  Hmmm! Maybe is Mr. O again.  My prediction was correct.  How come I know?  Well, his phone number and SMS appeared on my hand phone screen.  Oh! I got a shock.  It is his fifth SMS.  If it is from him, I will not going to reply or accept the entire messages.  Let it be a junk message.  Let him do whatever he desires to do.  He will realize that he is wasting his effort and energy.  Well, let me check what he got to write this time.  Is it a vulgar word again?  Never mine! Is okay! Not my phone bill anyway.  I will read it and let's see who is the sender.

I have never lost before.  But, I have lost my marriage to you.  I salute you, E.  Don't SMS or call me again.  Wish the God will punished the devil.


Oh! What can I do this time around?  Really Mr. O's fifth SMS (as what I predicted earlier).  Very frustrating and hurting.  He quoted "I have never lost before.  But, I have lost my marriage to you."  Hmmm! He lost his marriage to me.  Apart of talking and sending SMS to V, how can I take away the marriage life from him if V's heart is for him?  Funny man! What is he trying to do?  He put the blame on me again.  Jealousy, envy, anger, frustration, disturbance, unconscious mind and etc.  I really don't know what to describe about this man.  Why he wanted to salute me?  He also requested me not to send any SMS and call him again.  He also wish the God will punish the devil.  Oh! He still quoted me as "devil"! Why is he so judgmental towards me?  God knows what is actually going on.  Let God be the center of this incident.  I believe God will bless those who are faithful and sincere in their lives.  Hah! I rather forget the whole incident.  Okay! I grant his request and will not call his wife unnecessary too.  This man really sucking my energy.  Hmmm! Okay, enough is enough.  The more I think about it, the more frustrated I will be.  I will just forgive and forget the whole things and start a new chapter in my life again.  Mr. O is just a normal human being.  Why must I afraid of him?  He has his own breakdown in his life.  Every human have his/her breakdown too.  Well, is okay.  Let it be.  He is a matured man.  Let him handle his families and his marriage on his own feet.  I can't help him if he chooses to victimize himself in the box.  As far as I concern, I have not done or committed any wrongdoing in establishing my friendship with V.  She chooses to allow me to have her address and contacts.  In fact, I thank and acknowledge her for telling me the truth what was actually wrong and going on in her family's lives and marriages.  Okay, over is over.  Enough is enough.  I have forgiven her and our friendship has been install as usual.  That's the beauty part although this incident happened to me.  However, the bad part of the friendship was the whole family's phone number has changed.  One of the possibility they change their number is they may not wanted me to have any contact with Ms. V again.  Maybe I am right or maybe, I am wrong.  Whatever it is, is their choice and I can't stop them from doing that.  Whether I have more or less friends, my life still goes on as usual.  That is the beauty part of life.  God is love, joy, peace, patient, kind, good, gentle, faithful and self-control.  If all of us can be like that, how nice and good the world is to leave.  Am I right?  Well! Just ponder and think about it.


As the conclusion, I would like to share with you what is the lesson that I have learned from this incident.  The lesson is to be careful and check the words before I sent my tax message to the opposite sex.  All things that happened to me have teaches me to be come more loving and patient to overcome all the challenges and hurdles in life.  I would like to remind you again.  If you are not careful enough, the words that you use in the SMS or your conversation in lives may harm the other party.  It may cause misunderstand again.  Well, is not wrong to send a tax message to your loves one.  In fact, I encourage you to do it.  However, just take precaution.  Do take heat to my advice.  If this incident happen to you, is just too bad.  You are the one that can cause the incident to happen.  It is better to prevent it from happen before it is really too late to handle it.  Do the action before it is too late.  There is a statement that I would like to share with you, which is prevention is better than cured.  For those of you who are in the relationship, be careful with your life partner.  Do not hurt their heart by using the vulgar words and do handle them with love and patient.  Anyway, if you get mad and angry just because of the SMS or other small issues will not be able to resolve the whole situation.  If you want to get angry or plan to throw out your anger towards the others, think twice before you do it.  Love your partner as how you love yourself.  There is a verse in the bible that I would like to share with you as I end this article:

There is hope, faith and love.  However, the greatest things of all are love.


God bless you richly and abundantly.  Happy reading.

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Sumbangan untuk mangsa banjir

Sumbangan dan derma anda diperlukan untuk membantu salah seorang rakan oku penglihatan saudara Azrol Afandi dari Langkawi.  Baru-baru ini, rumah beliau telah dilanda banjir.
Untuk keterangan lanjut tentang sumbangan yang ingin diberikan, sila hubungi saudara Oon Soon Eng atau lebih dikenali dengan Ah Pek di nombor 0134888913 atau 0124648913 sebelum 9TH September ini.

Pemergian Ismail kehilangan besar kepada negara

Berita Harian Online

Pemergian Ismail kehilangan besar kepada negara

Oleh Sariha Mohd Ali

PEMERGIAN tokoh akademik dan ekonomi negara, Senator Prof Datuk Dr Ismail Salleh, 62, adalah satu kehilangan besar dan tiada gantinya kerana pengorbanan Allahyarham yang tidak terhitung dalam mengangkat martabat dunia pendidikan, membantu memacu ekonomi negara dan membela nasib golongan orang kurang upaya (OKU).

Bagi anak ketiga Allahyarham, Aqilah Zafirah Hanis, 17, berita pemergian bapa yang diterimanya pada jam 4 pagi semalam, memang mengejutkan keluarganya kerana mereka sepatutnya menyambut kepulangan Ismail, pagi semalam dan bakal meraikan hari jadinya ke-62 pada 2 September depan.

"Ayah mengalami penyakit buah pinggang tetapi ketika bertolak ke Beijing, Selasa lalu, kesihatan ayah baik," katanya.

Teman rapat Ismail – bekas menteri Kabinet, Datuk Seri Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman, berkata berita sedih pemergian pakar ekonomi itu yang diterimanya menerusi SMS awal pagi semalam, sungguh memeranjatkan kerana dia tidak mengetahui sebarang masalah kesihatan yang dialami Allahyarham.

"Saya mengenali Ismail sejak 1970 ketika dalam penerbangan ke New York dan ketika di universiti, saya banyak membantunya dengan membacakan buku kepadanya dan hubungan baik kami bertahan hingga sekarang.

"Bagi saya, dia seorang rakan yang baik, memiliki kecerdasan otak yang luar biasa, rajin belajar walaupun ada kekurangan diri dan berjaya membuktikan kemampuannya sehingga memiliki PhD.

"Dia juga seorang yang dedikasi dan memberi seluruh tumpuan terhadap sesuatu perkara yang dilakukannya. Semangatnya untuk membantu OKU dan mengangkat martabat masyarakat Melayu khasnya bagi kelas pertengahan sungguh mengagumkan, malah Allahyarham juga sentiasa fokus terhadap arah ekonomi yang mahu kita tuju," katanya.

Siti Zaharah berkata, sikap Allahyarham yang tidak pernah melupakan rakan walaupun sudah memiliki kedudukan tinggi dalam kerjaya sangat menyenangkan mereka, malah beliau sangat kreatif dan sering menjadikan pepatah 'di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan' sebagai panduan hidupnya.

"Kita kehilangan seorang permata kerana Allahyarham adalah seorang yang sangat dihormati di negara ini dan sangat konsisten dalam penguasaan ilmu," katanya.

Naib Canselor Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Prof Tan Sri Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahabudin pula menyifatkan Allahyarham banyak memberikan sumbangan, idea bernas dan input untuk kerajaan ketika menyertai Kumpulan G15, serta menyediakan memorandum kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengenai Ekonomi dan Pembentukan Bangsa.

Sementara itu, Ketua Dewan Pemuda Pas Pusat, Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi, berkata Allahyarham adalah seorang ikon yang berjaya walaupun kurang upaya, malah kekuatan semangat yang dimilikinya melebihi orang normal.

Allahyarham disahkan meninggal dunia ketika dalam penerbangan dari Beijing ke Kuala Lumpur melalui Singapura pada jam 3.50 pagi semalam. Allahyarham yang berada di Beijing dengan ditemani isterinya, Datin Hasnah Wahab, 51, sejak Selasa lalu atas urusan rasmi, sepatutnya pulang ke tanah air kelmarin, tetapi perjalanan itu ditangguhkan hingga semalam, atas sebab tertentu.

Dilahirkan di Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Ismail yang juga satu-satunya cendekiawan yang cacat penglihatan di negara ini, tidak pernah meninggalkan isterinya jika beliau keluar rumah. Malah Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di depan isteri tercinta.

Anak kedua daripada sembilan beradik, Ismail yang tamat belajar hingga Tingkatan Enam Atas dan kemudian mendapat biasiswa Mara untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Amerika Syarikat, mencipta sejarah apabila dilantik sebagai Ahli Dewan Negara pertama daripada komuniti OKU pada 18 Disember 2007.

Melalui kehidupan yang penuh ranjau dan duri untuk mengejar kejayaan di sebalik kecacatan penglihatan yang dialami sejak berusia 13 tahun, tidak pernah menjadi penghalang untuk Ismail mencapai apa yang diingininya, sehingga mampu memperoleh kelulusan ijazah doktor falsafah (PhD) dalam bidang ekonomi dan politik dari University of New York.

Beliau yang juga Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa Twintech (IUCTT) dan Presiden Persatuan Kebangsaan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) Bumiputera Malaysia, mengakui terpaksa melalui banyak diskriminasi akibat kecacatan yang dialaminya itu.

Susulan itu, sebaik dilantik sebagai Senator yang dianggap sebagai detik paling manis dan bersejarah dalam hidupnya, beliau berazam untuk mengangkat martabat OKU bagi membantu golongan berkenaan menerusi pandangan, pendapat dan cadangan pelbagai isu yang dibangkitkannya pada forum tertinggi negara.

Bapa kepada enam anak, Ismail yang juga Naib Canselor Universiti Kolej Antarabangsa Teknologi Twintech dan bekas Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Institut Kajian Strategik Antarabangsa (Isis) turut menjadi antara lima tokoh Maulidur Rasul peringkat kebangsaan tahun lalu.

Pemilihannya itu adalah pengiktirafan yang diterima Ismail terhadap sumbangannya dalam beberapa bidang seperti pendidikan dan ekonomi, selain kerja amal yang dilakukannya bagi membantu OKU.

Tidak hanya memperjuangkan nasib OKU, Ismail turut prihatin terhadap nasib pekerja di negara ini apabila mencadangkan kepada kerajaan supaya melaksanakan dasar gaji minimum dalam pelaksanaan model baru ekonomi yang dirancang jika mahu meningkatkan produktiviti dan inovasi di kalangan pekerja.

Jumaat, Ogos 28, 2009

Friday's Posting Special (Must Read!)


Daripada: ICT
Tarikh: 28 August, 2009 2:25 PM
Subjek: Friday's Posting Special (Must Read!)

Friday's Posting, Special Issue

"The Unexpected Goodbye"


Hi all,

Yesterday, 27 August 2009/6 Ramadhan 1430H, Malaysia lost an invaluable
diamond. The diamond is none other than Y.B. Senator Prof. Datuk Dr.
Ismail Md Salleh, the President of the Malaysian Association for the
Blind, and the first appointed Senator to represent disabled persons in
the country

The following news was extracted from Bernama:

August 27, 2009 19:23 PM

Prof Ismail Suffered Cardiac Arrest In Plane

By Zakaria Abdul Wahab

SINGAPORE, Aug 27 (Bernama) -- Economist Senator Prof Datuk Dr Ismail Md
Salleh who died while on a flight from China to Singapore early today
suffered a cardiac arrest on the plane, said his wife Datin Hasnah Wahab.

Hasnah, who was accompanying him, said her husband was asleep on the seat
next to her on the plane when suddenly his head tilted and came to rest on
her shoulder.

"I noticed he was no longer breathing and when I held his hands they felt
cold," Hasnah told Bernama when met at the Ba'alwie Mosque in Jalan Lewis
here while her husband's remains were being prepared for the funeral.

Hasnah said her husband died in the aircraft at 2.30am, about an hour
before it was due to arrive at Changi Airport.

According to her, Ismail, 61, was in China to attend a meeting involving
his university, International University College of Technology Twintech.

They had left for Beijing on Aug 25 and departed from the Chinese capital
yesterday and were scheduled to arrive in Singapore at 3.45am Thursday.

On arrival, his remains were brought to the Singapore General Hospital for
a post-mortem before being brought to the mosque.

Malaysian High Commission staff in Singapore led by Deputy High
Commissioner Datuk Ahmad Anuar Adnan helped in preparing his remains for

His remains were then brought to the Senai airport in Johor in a van
before being transferred on to a Royal Malaysian Air Force plane to be
transported to the Subang Airport outside Kuala Lumpur.

Hasnah said her husband's remains would be brought to their house at no.
7140, Jalan Melati 2, Sungai Kantan, Fasa 2, Kajang.

According to her, they had been married for 27 years and were blessed with
six children.

She said she was saddened that Ismail would not be around to witness the
first marriage among the children at the end of this year.

"He was really looking forward to this," said Hasnah, adding that three of
the children were already adults while the other three were still in

Ismail made history when he was appointed as the first senator from among
disabled people in Malaysia. Ismail is visually impaired.

He was also deputy director-general of the Institute of Strategic and
International Studies (ISIS), chief executive officer of Twintech Holdings
and Vice Chancellor of International University College of Technology

Ismail was born in Pasir Mas, Kelantan on Sept 2, 1947 and throughout his
life was awarded numerous awards for academic excellence including from
the Guinness Book of Records for becoming the first visually impaired
person in the world to obtain a doctorate degree.

Meanwhile, in KAJANG, Ismail's elder brother, Zakaria Salleh, 64, said his
brother's remains were expected to arrive at 6.30pm and would be buried at
the Sungai Kantan Muslim Cemetery.

He said his brother was his normal self before he left for Beijing on

On Monday, Ismail had gone for his usual dialysis treatment as normal, he

Zakaria has been the "seeing eye" for Ismail and has been his guardian,
personal assistant and driver since the latter was still small.

"It was a promise I made to my mother (that I would always look after
him)," he said.



(He was also the chairperson of the ICEVI of this region).

I, on behalf of the MABCC members, would like to extend our deepest
condolences to Datin Hasnah Wahab, six children and the family members of
the late Senator Datuk Dr. Ismail, and we pray that his soul may rest in

Al-fatihah ...

This posting is dedicated to all of you who cares to read it. I am not
going to fill this posting with a long biography of his, but with an
inspirational story that will sure inspire you. I was, in some way,
inspired by it.

Thank you Datuk! You are a truly inspiring figure. We will miss you!

1. Inspirational Story

Note: if you want your story to be featured in my posting, please send it
to blindcomm@f-m.fm. Share your motivating and inspiring stories with

Read on ...

A Final Goodbye
  by: Mark Victor Hansen, A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"I am going home to Denmark, Son, and I just wanted to tell you I love you."

In my dad's last telephone call to me, he repeated that line seven times
in a half hour. I wasn't listening at the right level. I heard the words,
but not the message, and certainly not their profound intent. I believed
my dad would live to be over 100 years old, as my great uncle lived to be
107 years old. I had not felt his remorse over Mom's death, understood his
intense loneliness as an "empty nester," or realized most of his pals had
long since light-beamed off the planet. He relentlessly requested my
brothers and I create grandchildren so that he could be a devoted
grandfather. I was too busy "entrepreneuring" to really listen.

"Dad's dead," sighed my brother Brian on July 4, 1982.

My little brother is a witty lawyer and has a humorous, quick mind. I
thought he was setting me up for a joke, and I awaited the punchline -
there wasn't one. "Dad died in the bed he was born in - in Rozkeldj,"
continued Brian. "The funeral directors are putting him in a coffin, and
shipping Dad and his belongings to us tomorrow. We need to prepare for the

I was speechless. This isn't the way it's supposed to happen. If I knew
these were to be Dad's final days, I would have asked to go with him to
Denmark. I believe in the hospice movement, which says: "No one should die
alone." A loved one should hold your hand and comfort you as you
transition from one plane of reality to another. I would have offered
consolation during his final hour, if I'd been really listening, thinking
and in tune with the Infinite. Dad announced his departure as best he
could, and I had missed it. I felt grief, pain and remorse, Why had I not
been there for him? He'd always been there for me.

In the mornings when I was nine years old, he would come home from working
18 hours at his bakery and wake me up at 5:00 A.M. by scratching my back
with his strong powerful hands and whispering, "Time to get up, Son." By
the time I was dressed and ready to roll, he had my newspapers folded,
banded and stuffed in my bicycle basket. Recalling his generosity of
spirit brings tears to my eyes.

When I was racing bicycles, he drove me 50 miles each way to Kenosha,
Wisconsin, every Tuesday night so I could race and he could watch me. He
was there to hold me if I lost and shared the euphoria when I won.

Later, he accompanied me to all my local talks in Chicago when I spoke to
Century 21, Mary Kay, Equitable and various churches. He always smiled,
listened and proudly told whomever he was sitting with, "That's my boy!"

After the fact, my heart was in pain because Dad was there for me and I
wasn't there for him. My humble advice is to always, always share your
love with your loved ones, and ask to be invited to that sacred
transitional period where physical life transforms into spiritual life.
Experiencing the process of death with one you love will take you into a
bigger, more expansive dimension of beingness.

2. Short Break ...

"Time rushes towards us with its hospital tray of infinitely varied
narcotics, even while it is preparing us for its inevitably fatal

- Tennessee Williams, "The Rose Tattoo"

"Gaily I lived as ease and nature taught,
And spent my little life without a thought,
And am amazed that Death, that tyrant grim,
Should think of me, who never thought of him."

- René Francois Regnier

3. Elsewhere

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Since the announcements that I have in store looks out of place in this
posting, I will include them in my next posting.

For now, allow me to share a nice song with you. It's called "final
goodbye" by Rihanna. Download the song in MP3 format by clicking or
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Regards, Fadzlin Hiezrie Abdul Rahman.

Kalah dan menang, apa hikmahnya?

Seperti yang kita ketahui, BN telah kalah dalam kesemua pilihanraya kecil sejak lepas Pru 2008.  manakala pakatan rakyat, telah memenangi kesemua PRK selepas pru 2008.  Ok, kenapa BN kalah?


  • Tuhan masih sayangkan BN.  Kekalahan adalah ubat untuk BN supaya ahlinya sedar dari tidur.
  • Bn masih sakit.  Sebab itu, keizinan tidak diberi oleh yang maha esa bagi BN untuk memenangi kesemua PRK yang telah diadakan sehingga kini.
  • Bn masih belum bersatu.  Masih lagi bercakaran.
  • Ini adalah bala yang ditimpakan oleh tuhan yang maha esa kepada parti BN di atas sikap ahlinya yang sombong dan bongkak serta menyalahgunakan kuasa ketika di puncak kuasa.  Perlu diingat, walau pun hanya segelintir kecil yang melakukannya, namun, apabila tuhan menimpakan bala, semuanya akan terkena tempiasnya.

Dan sekarang, mari kita lihat mengapa pakatan rakyat boleh menang.


  • Apabila rakyat telah leka dan lupa pada tuhan, tuhan akan menghantar peminpin yang zalim untuk meminpin mereka.
  • Tuhan yang maha esa ingin memperlihatkan kepada kita, bagaimanakah sikap rakus PR apabila sudah berkuasa.
  • Tuhan juga ingin membalas segala perbuatan dan kata-kata mereka terhadap BN.
  • mereka kata, parti Umno kafir sebab bekerjasama dengan orang bukan islam iaitu MIC dan MCA.
  • Nah sekarang, dengan siapa mereka bekerja dan bersahabat?
  • Mereka bersahabat dengan orang bukan islam, malah musuh islam yang dengan terang dan jelas, tidak hormat pada agama islam.
  • Mereka kata, BN parti korap.  nah sekarang, adakah mereka bersih dan maksum?
  • Mereka kata, BN bersikap tak adil dan berat sebelah.  Tetapi, adakah mereka adil dan saksama?

Kepada BN, berubahlah demi rakyat.  Setiap manusia, ada membuat kesilapan dan kesalahan.  Biarlah kesilapan dan kesalahan itu mengajar kita semua dan, janganlah kita mengulanginya lagi.

Khamis, Ogos 27, 2009

Takziah buat keluarga Prof. Dr. Ismail Salleh

Di sini saya ingin mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Prof.  Dr.  Ismail Salleh di atas perginya beliau.  Beliau telah pergi meninggalkan kita.  Ini merupakan suatu kehilangan besar buat golongan oku, khususnya, golongan oku penglihatan.  Telah banyak jasa yang beliau curahkan kepada golongan oku.


Semoga, roh beliau ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang salih.

Rabu, Ogos 26, 2009

Tahniah Kartika

Selamat sejahtera.  mari kita baca artikal ni dan lihat komen saya.


Misteri tangguh hukuman - Campur tangan Peguam Negara halang Kartika disebat


WARTAWAN menemu bual bekas model yang bakal dihukum sebat kerana meminum arak, Kartika di rumah keluarganya di Sungai Siput semalam.

KUANTAN - Di sebalik penangguhan hukuman sebat ke atas Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor yang sepatutnya ditempatkan di Penjara Kajang kelmarin, banyak tanda tanya timbul dan pihak yang terbabit saling menuding jari menyalahkan pihak lain.

Tidak dapat dipastikan siapa yang benar dalam hal ini, tetapi yang pasti kontroversi itu mendapat liputan meluas termasuk oleh media asing.

Keputusan menangguhkan hukuman sebat ke atas Kartika dikatakan bukan kerana mahu menghormati Ramadan tetapi dipengaruhi keengganan pihak Penjara Wanita Kajang untuk melaksanakan hukuman tersebut.

Demikian dakwaan Ketua Pendakwa Syarie Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (JAIP), Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar mengenai kegagalan pelaksanaan hukuman sebat ke atas Kartika, 32, seperti yang dijadualkan sebelum ini.

Beliau mendakwa, pengurusan Penjara Kajang tidak membenarkan penjara tersebut dijadikan tempat melaksanakan hukuman itu mungkin disebabkan mereka menerima tekanan daripada pihak tertentu.

"Penangguhan tersebut tidak ada kaitan dengan faktor menghormati bulan Ramadan kerana Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Kuantan sebelum ini memang memutuskan hukuman sebat dilaksanakan dalam bulan puasa untuk tujuan menginsafkan pesalah.

"Kita percaya pengurusan penjara itu mungkin memohon mendapatkan arahan daripada Pejabat Peguam Negara supaya hukuman sebat ke atas Kartika ditangguhkan. Mungkin ada campur tangan daripada pihak tertentu sehingga menyebabkan Pejabat Peguam Negara juga campur tangan," katanya ketika dihubungi semalam tetapi beliau enggan mendedahkan pihak yang dimaksudkannya.



Jadi, apakah yang berlaku di sebalik semua ini?  Diharap pihak kerajaan dapat berbuat sesuatu supaya kes ini tidak dijadikan isu oleh mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan yang suka menangguk di air yang keruh.  Ini terutamanya parti pembangkang yang amat-amat gemar mensensasikan isu-isu seperti ini.


Dan, saya secara peribadi mengharapkan, agar hukuman ke atas Kartika ini dapat dilaksanakan.  Ini bertujuan untuk memberikan keinsafan kepada yang tertuduh dan memberi pengajaran kepada mereka yang ingin cuba melakukan perbuatan yang beliau telah lakukan seperti ini.  Dan kepada pihak-pihak yang ingin menasihati beliau supaya merayu, saya berpendapat, adalah lebih baik, hentikanlah.  Banyak lagi kerja lain yang perlu kita nak buat.  Ingat, jangan beri ruang pada pembangkang untuk mensensasikan isu ini.


Dan sekarang, mari kita baca petikan kedua pula.


Saya tidak akan merayu - Kartika


SHUKARNOR dan Kartika menatap akhbar Kosmo! yang memaparkan kisah penangguhan hukuman sebat ke atas Kartika di rumah mereka di Sungai Siput, Perak semalam.

SUNGAI SIPUT - Model sambilan, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor tidak akan berganjak dengan pendiriannya untuk menerima hukuman enam sebatan seperti yang diputuskan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Kuantan pada 18 Julai lalu.

Wanita berusia 32 tahun itu berkata, dia menghargai kenyataan beberapa pihak termasuk oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang meminta beliau menimbangkan untuk merayu hukuman sebatan itu.

"Bagi saya, usaha untuk 'merayu' sebenarnya sudah berakhir iaitu selepas Hakim Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus memukul tukul di mahkamah dan menjatuhkan hukuman terhadap saya.

"Sejak saat itulah saya sudah nekad dan bersedia menerima hukuman (enam sebatan) itu," katanya ketika ditemui di rumah keluarganya di Kampung Jawang di sini petang semalam.

Sebelum itu, di Kuala Lumpur semalam, Najib berkata, Kartika boleh membuat rayuan terhadap hukuman sebat yang dikenakan ke atasnya dan tidak sepatutnya reda semata-mata untuk dihukum.

Menurut Kartika, ada sesuatu yang tidak kena jika dia memohon kepada mahkamah supaya hukuman sebatan itu tidak dilaksanakan sedangkan sebelum ini dia mempunyai masa dan hak untuk berbuat demikian.

"Sebelum ini sudah lima kali saya naik turun mahkamah dengan tujuan dapat mengelakkan hukuman sebat tetapi tiada siapa yang ambil kisah. Dalam tempoh merayu saya tidak berbuat begitu, inikan pula selepas waran penahanan telah dikeluarkan semalam (kelmarin)," ujarnya.



Tahniah kepada Kartika Sari atas apa yang telah anda lakukan.  Ini menandakan tuhan telah membuka hati anda.  Biar sakit di dunia, tapi, berbahagia di akhirat nanti.  Dan, adalah diharapkan, janganlah sesekali mengubah keputusan yang telah anda buat.  Sekali lagi, tahniah diucapkan.


Usahlah dilayan segala apa yang diperkatakan oleh orang luar.  Ingatlah bahawasanya syaitan amat gembira jika kita mengalah kepada napsu kita.  jangan biarkan syaitan dan iblis menang di dalam apa jua yang kita lakukan demi kerana tuhan yang maha esa.

Ahad, Ogos 23, 2009

Jon lihat Fakta sebenar bahawa Rohaizat tidak hilang kelayakan

Tarikh: 20 August, 2009 11:31 PM

Berikut adalah petikan dari PENASIHAT UNDANG-UNDANG UMNO Website:
"..Banyak telah diperkatakan di dalam akhbar dan juga blog-blog berkenaan status saudara Rohaizat bin Othman, calon BN N. 11 Permatang Pasir untuk bertanding di dalam Pilihanraya Kecil ini. Begitu juga berkenaan tindakan tatatertib terhadap beliau oleh Lembaga Tatatertib Peguambela dan Peguamcara. Pejabat ini ingin menjelaskan perkara berikut.

Perkara 48 Perlembagaan Malaysia jelas maksudnya iaitu seseorang hanya akan hilang kelayakan untuk menjadi Ahli Parlimen [di dalam situasi saudara Rohaizat, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri] jika:

(a) Tidak sempurna akal;
(b) Seorang bankrap yang belum dilepaskan;
(c) Memegang sesuatu jawatan berkepentingan;
(d) Gagal menghantar penyata belanja pilihanraya dalam masa dan mengikut cara yang dikehendaki;
(e) Disabitkan suatu kesalahan oleh sesuatu Mahkamah dan dihukum penjara selama tempoh tidak kurang 1 tahun atau denda tidak kurang daripada 2 ribu ringgit dan ia tidak mendapat ampun; dan
(f) Hilang kewarganegaraan.

Berdasarkan kepada perkara di atas, Saudara Rohaizat bin Othman tidak hilang kelayakannya dan nasihat di atas juga telah diberikan oleh Pejabat ini kepada pucuk pimpinan UMNO. Justeru itu, Saudara Rohaizat bin Othman telah dipilih untuk menjadi calon BN N.11 Permatang Pasir...".
#2. Dalam isu yang sama, AGENDA DAILY.COM ada menyoal apa kah sebenarnya agenda MAJLIS PEGUAM baru-baru ini...
"Apa agenda Majlis Peguam ??

Pilihan raya sepatutnya membabitkan pengundi, parti yang bertanding dan Suruhanjaya Pilihan raya Malaysia (SPR).
 Pihak lain tidak wajar masuk campur apatah lagi membuat kenyataan yang boleh menyebabkan proses pemilihan wakil rakyat di sesuatu tempat secara demokrasi terganggu. Bagaimanapun, Majlis Peguam tidak memikirkan risiko ini apabila mengeluarkan kenyataan yang kini menjadi isu besar dalam pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pasir.
#3.My comment:
It is obviously a deliberate attempt to distract the minds of the voting masses during the by-election campaign, and to "demonise" & undermine the ruling government (with as many issues as possible).., so that the government  "wastes time" trying to defend itself, and to get the people to fight against each other, and lead the country into chaos and disarray.
When a state is in disarray, the mission of (one of ) the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is accomplished. More of that in my blog  later.

Jumaat, Ogos 21, 2009

KL 2009 siri 3

Ok, kita sambung lagi cerita KL 2009 ini.


Sabtu 30 Jun.  Aku terjaga kira-kira jam 6:30 pagi.  Seperti biasalah, pagi itu amat sejuk dek kerana penghawa dingin dibuka sepanjang malam.  Nasib baiklah ada pakai jacket.


Setelah berehat sebentar katil, maka seperti biasalah rutin pagi dimulakan dengan pergi mandi, gosok gigi dan berak.  Itu dah mestilah.


Selepas kami dah bersiap-siap, kami berehat lagi.  Pukul 9:00 pagi, aku akan ke rumah kak Rosnah.  Abang Sharif datang bawa.  Sementara Ah Hong akan pergi berjumpa kawannya.


jam 9:00 pagi, kami pun turunlah dari bilik hotel.  Masa tu, abang Sharif masih lagi belum sampai.  Ah Hong telah bergerak ke kedai makan.  Dia kata, dia nak makan sarapan pagi.  Sementara aku pula, menunggu di depan pintu hotel.


Sedang aku menunggu, tiba-tiba telefon berdering.  Aku menjawabnya.  “Hello.”  “Khai Eong, aku nak mintak hang tolong hantaq e-mel ni.”  Kedengaran suara Fadzlin Hiezrie di hujung talian.  “Ha, aku nak ke rumah kak Rosnah.”  Aku memberitahu Fadzlin Hiezrie.


“Oh kalau lagu tu, nanti, hang tolong hantaq e-mel kat semua.”  Fadzlin Hiezrie berpesan.  “Apa pasai pulak?”  Aku bertanya.  “hang tau kan, petang ni ada open sorce punya confrence tu?”  “Ok hang hantaq e-mel, bagi tau bahawa orang tu dah tersekat.”  “Ni MCMC yang habaq.”  Terang Fadzlin Hiezrie panjang lebar.  “Dia sangkut kat mana?”  Aku bertanya ingin tahu.  “Aku pun dah tak berapa ingatlah Khai Eong.”  “Tapi tak apalah, satni bila hang dah sampai ke rumah kak Ros, hang hantaq e-mel kat semua no?”  Fadzlin Hiezrie berpesan.  “Ha ok.”  Aku menjawab.  Talian diputuskan.


“Apa macam?”  “Ada baikkah?”  Tiba-tiba abang Sharif muncul dan bertanya khabar dalam loghat benggali.  Kami terus berjalan.  kami menuju ke stesen LRT.  Yalah, nak naik LRT.  Pagi itu, cuaca mendung sahaja.  macam nak hujan, tetapi sebenarnya, jerubu.


Agak lama juga kami menunggu LRT.  Telefon abang Sharif pun berdering.  “Ni tentu kak Rosnah sibuk calling ni.”  Aku berkata dalam hati.  ha, betul aku mengagak.  kak Rosnah yang menelefon.  Dia ingin tahu di mana kami sekarang.


Dan tidak lama kemudian, LRT muncul.  kami naik.  Pagi itu dalamnya sunyi.  Yalah, mungkin dah lewat pagi dah.


Apabila kami turun di stesen Hang Tuah, kami berjalan kaki.  Abang Sharif singgah di sebuah gerai untuk membeli cucur udang yang telah aku pesan semalam.  Yalah, kak Ros kata, tak sempat nak buat sebab abang Sharif terlupa nak beli tepung.  Jadi, kenalah beli nampak gayanya.


Selepas membeli, kami terus berjalan menuju ke rumah.  Suasana agak sedikit sibuk pada pagi itu.  Cuaca sudah mula panas.


Dan tidak lama kemudian, kami sampai di rumah.  Dan sesampainya di rumah, aku pun menelefon kawanku Tan Boon Kiat.  Yalah, nak beritahu tentang pembatalan ceramah sumber terbuka internet tu.


“Hello,” kedengaran suara parau di hujung talian.  Suara seperti orang baru bangun tidur.  “Ha Boon Kiat,” aku menegur.  “Woy, ada apa woy?”  Boon Kiat bertanya.  “Woy Boon Kiat, hang bagi tau kat kawan-kawan, open sorce punya program petang ni batal tau?”  Aku berpesan.  “ha, apa pasal batal ha?”  Boon Kiat bertanya ingin tahu.  “Tak tau o tapi Fadzlin kata, orang yang nak bagi ceramah tu tersangkut.”  Terangku.  “Sangkut kat mana wey?”  Boon Kiat bertanya lagi macam wartawan akhbar The Star.  “Ha, itu aku tak tau o.”  Jawabku rengkas.  “Ok lah, nanti hang bagi tau kawan-kawanlah, aku malaslah nak hantar e-mel.”  Beritahuku.  “Ok ok.”  Boon Kiat menjawab pendek saja.  Talian telefon pun diputuskan.


Selepas berehat beberapa minit, aku pun mulalah memproses komputer kak Rosnah yang dia kata itu hilang dan ini hilang tu.


Periksa punya periksa, ok saja pun.  Apa yang hilang?  Tak ada pun yang hilang.  Akhirnya, aku buka skype dan berbual dengan Barnabas dan Cornelius.  Yalah, elok saja komputer dia tu.  Tidak ada yang rosak.  Dan, kesimpulan yang boleh aku buat ialah, kak Ros kendalikan komputer secara panik.


Selepas tiada apa-apa kerosakan yang dikesan, maka aku pun menggunakan I D skype aku untuk bersembang-sembang dengan Barnabas dan juga Cornelius.  Hari itu pun Sabtu, jadi, sudah tentulah mereka ada di rumah.


Jemput-jemput yang dibeli tadi sudah habis dimakan.  Tak sedap sangat kalau beli.  Sebabnya, sejuk dah, dia akan berminyak.  nasib baiklah boleh habis.  Kalau tidak, buat rugi saja.


periksa sudah, makan sudah, sembang pun sudah.  Dan kini, tibalah giliran makan tengahari.  Abang Sharif telah pergi turun bawah untuk membeli kari ayam.  Sementara aku, kini menggunakan I D skype kak Ros untuk online.  Sebabnya, aku nak tengok, kali ini, siapa yang akan terkena.


Wah cantik.  perancangan berjaya.  Ada orang sudah masuk perangkap.  Beliau ialah Rasa Sayang.  Sudah ok ni, orang pertama masuk perangkap.  Orang lain, memang takkan terkena sebab mereka dah tau cara aku.  Tak ada orang akan buat benda pelik-pelik selain aku.  Jadi, apabila skype rakan mereka sudah jadi pelik dan satu macam, mereka memang tak layan punya.  Sebab mereka tau dah, tu dah sah aku.  Kalau mereka was-was, mereka akan hubungi rakan mereka untuk mendapatkan pengesahan.


“Assalamualaikum.”  Bicara dimulakan oleh beliau.  “Ha,” aku menjawab.  “Tak kerja hari ni?”  Tanya beliau.  Aku tak layan sebab tengah explore sesuatu di komputer.  “Oh, Sabtu.”  Beliau yang menjawab.  “kenapa tak jawab salam"?”  Beliau bertanya lagi.


“Suka hati akulah nak jawab atau tak.”  Aku menjawab selamba.  Aku terus explore Windows Vista ni.  Wah, boleh tahan jugaklah ni.


Abang Sharif dah keluar pergi beli lauk untuk makan tengahari.  Aku pula sibuk explore vista kat komputer kak Ros ni.  Wah, ok lah jugak ni.


Telefon kat rumah kak Ros berdering.  Dia pun mengangkat.  Tak taulah apa yang diperbualkan, cuma yang kedengaran ialah nak cari resit.  Rupanya, ada orang Brunei yang telefon kak Ros.


Tidak lama kemudian, abang Sharif pun baliklah dari membeli lauk kari ayam.  Kak Ros pun beritahulah abang Sharif supaya cari balik resit bank hari tu.  Abang Sharif pun mulalah berleter.  “Itulah susahnya, resit tu entah dah letak mana dah sekarang.”  Itulah antara butir-butir leteran abang Sharif.


Ha, nasib baiklah ada jumpa resit tu.  Kalau tidak, tak taulah apa yang akan berlaku.  Apabila telah berjumpa resit itu, kak Ros pun menelefonlah kawannya di Brunei itu dan memberitahu bahawa resit yang dicari telah pun dijumpai.


Aku pun makanlah nasi beserta lauk kari ayam yang dibeli oleh abang Sharif tu.  Dan selepas makan, aku duduk sebentar untuk berehat sambil main-main komputer kak Ros.  Yalah, rasa penat.


Telefon aku pula berdering.  “Hello.”  Aku menjawab.  “Oi, hang kat mana?”  Tanya Yusuf di hujung talian.  Aku kat rumah kak Ros ni.  Aku menjawab.  “Eh nanti pukul 3:00, Rosmin mai bawak hanglah oi.”  Beritahu Yusuf.  “Wey, aku tak balik lagi.”  Aku beritahu.  “Nanti bila aku sampai hotel, aku bagi tau.”  Aku menyambung.  “Ok ok.”  Jawab Yusuf.  Kemudian, talian diputuskan.


Aku pun bermula bersiap untuk berangkat pulang.  Abang Sharif dah nak turun.  kami pun turun.  Maka, tinggallah kak Rosnah sorang-sorang di rumah.


kami berjalan menuju ke stesen LRT.  “Macammana dengan Vista tu?”  Abang Sharif bertanya.  “Ok lah tu.”  Jawabku rengkas.  “Dah bersedia nak pakai vista?”  Abang Sharif bertanya.  “Tengoklah kalau ada duit nanti, saya pakai.”  Jawabku.


Kini, kami telah sampai ke stesen LRT.  Abang Sharif pergi beli tiket.  Dan kemudian, kami pun pergi tunggu LRT.  Tidak lama kemudian, naiklah kami untuk menuju ke Brickfields.


Setelah sampai ke Brickfields, abang Sharif membawa aku ke hotel.  kami berpisah dari situ.  Aku pun terus naik ke bilik.  Kemudian, aku pun menelefon Yusuf.  “Wey, aku dah sampai wey.”  Beritahu aku kepada Yusuf.  “Ok ok, nanti tengok macammana.”  “Nanti aku call hang balik.”  Jawab Yusuf.  Talian pun diputuskan.


Selepas itu, aku pun pergi mandi.  Sebelum pergi mandi, aku pun membuka siaran tv9 sebab kartun di tv9 dah pun bermula.  Selepas itu, barulah pergi mandi.


Selepas mandi, aku terus mendengar siri kartun di tv9 sambil menunggu panggilan dari Yusuf.  Aku pun baring-baring sebentar di atas katil.  Agak penat juga rasanya.


Jam sudah pun menunjukkan pukul 4:20 petang.  Nampaknya, Yusuf masih lagi belum menelefon aku.  Aku pun menelefon Yusuf.  Panggilan aku tidak berjawab.  malah, talian telefon telah dimatikan.  ha, aku tak pedulilah.  Aku terus mendengar siri kartun kat tv9.  Yalah, seronok ni.


Kini, jarum jam telah menunjukkan jam 5:00 petang.  Yusuf masih lagi tidak menelefonku.  Aku cuba memanggilnya sekali lagi.  namun sayang, talian ditutup.  Ah, tak pedulilah, aku terus saja mendengar siri kartun di tv9.  masa dah petang sangat, takkan nak ke Sungei Wang lagi.  Mungkin mereka ada masalah kot.


Aku menelefon Ah Hong jam 5:30 petang.  “Eh Ah Hong, malam ni, aku ikut hang pi makan.”  Beritahuku.  “Oh, dia orang tak datangkah?”  Ah Hong bertanya.  “Ha, aku tak tau o.”  “Mungkin dia orang sibuk tu.”  Jawabku.  “Ha ok lah.”  Jawab Ah Hong.  Dan selepas itu, talian diputuskan.


Jam 6:30 petang, Ah Hong kembali ke bilik.  Dia pun bersiap-siap untuk keluar bersama Moktar Soon pergi makan.  Dia menyuruh aku menelefon Moktar Soon untuk menentukan tempat makan.  Dan, aku pun telefonlah Moktar Soon.


“Hello Moktar, Ah Hong ask you, where you want to go to a dinner?”  Aku bertanya Moktar Soon.  “Khai Eong, Khai Eong, you tell Hongga, i want to go to Pink Lotus Khai Eong.”  Beritahu Moktar Soon.  “Ok Moktar, i tell Ah ong.”  Aku memberitahu.  “Say back to me Khai Eong, Pink Lotus.”  Pinta Moktar Soon.  “Ya Moktar, Pink Lotus.”  Aku mengulang.  “Ok Khai Eong, Tells Hongga, go to Pink Lotus.”  Moktar Soon mengulang sekali lagi.  “Ok Moktar.”  Aku menjawab.  Kemudian, talian diputuskan.


Jam 7:00 malam, aku buka siaran NTV7.  Maklumlah, setiap malam hari Sabtu, ada siri Crayon Shin Chan dan Doraemon.  Tengah aku seronok mendengar siri Crayon Shin Chan, telefon bimbitku berdering.  Aku mendengar suara di hujung talian.  “Oi Khai Eong, nanti aku mai bawak hang.”  “Jom kita turun makan.  kedengaran suara Rosmin di hujung talian.  “Oh yakah?”  “Ha, ok lah.”  Aku menjawab.  Talian diputuskan.


Hajat untuk mendengar siri Crayon Shin Chan di ntv7 terbantut.  Aku menutup tv.  Aku beritahu Ah Hong, kawan dah jemput dan aku tak jadi makan dengannya.  Selepas itu, aku pun turun ke lobi hotel New Winner menunggu Rosmin.


Tidak lama kemudian, Rosmin pun datang.  “Ha, mana itu orang?”  Tanya Rosmin kepada lelaki yang bertugas di kaunter.  Kami pun keluar menuju ke kedai Ina.  Biasalah tu.  Pelanggan agak ramailah rasanya petang tu di kedai Ina.


Petugas Zinnie pun datang.  Aku memesan makanan.  Mi Hailam.  Wah petang tu, Zinnie bagai bedak, wangi o!  Dan selepas makanan dipesan, dia pun berlalu dari situ.


Kini, makanan dah sampai.  Apa lagi, makanlah aku dengan lahapnya.  maklumlah dah lapar.  hah, sedap jugaklah mi Hailam tu.


Yusuf pun memberitahu aku bahawa dah tak jadi pergi ke Sungei Wang pada petang tadi.  Sebabnya, cuaca terlampau panas dan mereka keletihan.  Si Ayana pula, sakit kepala yang amat sangat.


Semasa makan, Rosmin pun bagilah aku dengar lagu dari nyanyian Pakku Shadat melalui pemain MP3-nya.  Haha, Pakku Shadat tu dah meninggal dunia.  Tak salah aku, sama ada pada awal tahun ini, atau pun pada penghujung tahun lalu.


Selepas semua dah makan, kami pun membayar harga makanan.  kemudian, aku bergerak balik ke hotel Winner dibawa oleh Rosmin.  Apabila sampai di hotel, aku dengan segera naik ke bilik.  yalah, untung-untung dapatlah dengar siri Doraemon walau pun sekejap.


Ha, aku cepat-cepat buka tv.  Wah, dapat jugalah dengar siri Doraemon tu walau pun di penghujung.  Kemudian, terus pula mendengar berita di tv3.


jam 9:30 malam, Ah Hong balik.  “Wah, awal balik.”  Ah Hong berkata.  “yalah, lepas makan, terus balik.”  “Tak pukul lapan lagi.”  Terangku.  “Lepas tu, terus dengar tv.”  Aku menyambung.


Selepas itj, aku pun pergilah gosok gigi.  Dah rasa mengantuklah.  Dan, maka tamatlah aktiviti seharian untuk hari ni.  aku tertidur lebih kurang jam 12:00 tengahmalam sambil itu, siaran one FM terbuka sampailah ke pagi.



Selasa, Ogos 18, 2009

Apa ada pada KL?

haha, best o tajuk dia.
Ramai orang buta ni, sikit-sikit KL.  Sikit-sikit KL.  Bila aku habis sekolah, pertama-tama aku disuruh ke KL.  "KL baru boleh dapat kerja."  "Kat KL semua kawan ada."  Itulah dua alasan yang sempat aku senaraikan.  Sebenarnya, ada banyak lagi alasan yang depa bagi.
Bagi aku, apa ada pada KL?  KL sama saja dengan tempat-tempat lain.  Sebab itu, bila aku disuruh ke KL, akan aku tanya pada mereka.  "Bolehkah awak jamin saya terus dapat kerja bila sampai ke sana?"  "Tahukah hang bahawa sara hidup KL tu tinggi?"  Itu adalah dua persoalan yang tak mampu dijawab oleh mereka.
Hanya orang buta ego saja yang akan terpengaruh dan terjun ke KL.  Mereka ni malu jika dikata duduk di bawah ketiak ibubapa, bergantung pada keluarga sepenuh masa, tak mau berdikari dan pelbagai lagi alasan-alasan ego serta gila yang telah si buta lemparkan pada rakan-rakan mereka jika mereka dapati rakan-rakan mereka tidak mahu mengikut mereka ke KL.  Bagi aku, aku takkan ke KL.  Tak perlu.  Tak semestinya, boleh mati kalau tak ke KL.
Bila mereka yang terpengaruh ni dah ke KL, ha, mulalah lupa daratan.  Ego, sombong.  Sudahlah kerja pun tak dapat, dah jadi peminta sedekah pulak.  Tadah tangan kat mana tempat yang perlu.  Selepas tu, untuk mengelak malu, mulalah nak kuat temberang.  Ceritalah kononnya, dia tu hebat.  Buka perniagaan itu dan ini.  Walhal, haram satu apa pun dia tak bukak.  jadi peminta sedekah saja.
Yang lebih dahsyatnya tu, lupa daratan.  Ada yang tak mengaku dah dia asal negeri mana.  Sanggup kalau dapat, buang loghat negerinya tu.  Bila orang negeri dia datang bercakap dengannya pakai loghat negerinya, wah, buat-buat tak faham.  Lepas tu, jadi berlagak, cakap dengan orang, pakai loghat KL.  katanya, baru standard.  Standard kepala hotak hang standard.
Pada aku, tak payahlah datang KL jika sekiranya ia tidak menjamin kita untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita cari dan hendakkan.  Tak semestinya, KL itu lubuk tempat untuk kita memuaskan nafsu serakah kita.  Bagi aku, lebih baik duduk negeri sendiri daripada ke tempat orang yang kadang-kadang, kita jadi lebih teruk daripada sebelum kita ke situ.  Biarlah apa orang nak kata, itu aku tak peduli.  Orang hanya pandai berkata-kata.

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